Monday, September 27, 2010

It's really feeling like FALL!

I'm so excited that today finally feels like fall! Even though it's raining like crazy outside, I am welcoming the cooler temperatures with open arms. The many many days of 90 + degrees this summer were really getting old. Yesterday I broke out the hot tea, socks, and long sleeves! I even started thinking about my flannel shirts that I had packed up for summer. I think today I will create a few items with a fall feel to them. Leaves are a favorite of mine and I hope to work them into some upcoming designs!

I am really loving dyeing my own fabric. I love the freedom to create all sorts of new colors that I longed for. I still have some organic cotton fabric that I bought pre-dyed. All of the organic cotton fabric I have has been manufactured in the USA. I feel that it's really important to know where your fabric is coming from and that those who made it were not harmed or paid unfairly in the process. I've been researching more about fair trade fabric and where I can get it. This has not been an easy task! Maybe I'm not very trusting, but unless it is fair trade certified or made in the USA I tend to stay away. Is all fabric made in the USA fair trade? Hmm...this is something I wonder about too. Any thoughts?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Long Time No See!

It's been way too long since my last post!!! Our summer got really busy and went by faster than the speed of light! Now that it's over, I've been overwhelmed trying to get items ready for our first craft show this weekend. Trying to balance working about 30 hours at my day job and then coming home and trying to build my Etsy business has become quite difficult. I so long for the day I can just focus on my Etsy shop and forget the long early morning commute to my day job and then the tired evenings of sewing and trying to promote my shop. I'm not giving up though, just venting : P

I have dabbled in dying fabric in buckets before, but in our little bathroom, it was a huge mess! I now have transformed our laundry room into a place to dye fabric with fiber reactive dyes and I LOVE it! Organic fabric color choices are quite limited and the ability to create my own colors has been so exciting! The process wasn't nearly as intimidating as I had anticipated. YAY!

I have included a couple of pictures of my transformed work areas and a few of the new colors, which I will be adding to my Etsy collection soon.