Thursday, May 20, 2010

Leaves and Trees

I am loving applique and linen right now! I go through different stages. Sometimes knits are really appealing to me, sometimes sweatshirt fleece, but right now linen is it! I love sewing linen because it's much easier to sew than knits (for me anyway). I've been doing a lot more applique lately. I've hit a wall when coming up with designs though. Any suggestions? I've been stuck on leaves and trees. I need to take more walks outside to get inspired. Two of my recent Etsy listings reflect my new love for linen and applique. One is a pink tank top with a leaf and stem design on the bottom. The 2nd is a linen tank with buttons along the left side. I'm trying to come up with some new unique designs while we're slow at my day job, (shhh...don't tell the boss) :) but while the cat's away, this mouse does design!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tilling Ticks Tanks

This last couple weeks have been really busy!! My husband and I have be working on our yard and our garden which consumes most of our time in the evening, especially mine when he has class two nights a week. I love the warmer months and the longer daylight. I forgot about all the bugs though :( booo. The ticks have been especially bad this spring! My mom just found out she has Lyme disease from a tick she recently found on her. Thankfully she caught it early! So I've been constantly checking for ticks and trying to find natural yard repellents and bug spray! YUCK
   This has left me little time to sew on week nights, but this weekend I should get caught up (maybe). The fabric I need to iron seems to be piling up. I've been working on some cotton plaid tank tops and soon I'll be listing a couple knit tops on Etsy.