Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

I've really been excited about spring this year! I love the colors and the fact that the snow is gone and I can see the ground! I should mention that I'm in western Virginia and we don't get a ton of snow usually. However, this year our ground was covered most of the winter. We had at least 2 very significant snow falls (2 feet) which is so rare for us.
This month, my husband and I noticed two flowering trees in our yard which we hadn't noticed before! We're thinking they are either apple or cherry, but we must consult a tree identification book to be sure. All of the new colors around our yard have made me ready to start sewing in some new colors and fabrics too. I've recently become a big fan of linen and hemp/cotton material. My newest additions to Etsy are a purple hemp tank and a linen tank. I'm working on a couple more top designs which should be posted by the end of the week!

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