Thursday, May 20, 2010

Leaves and Trees

I am loving applique and linen right now! I go through different stages. Sometimes knits are really appealing to me, sometimes sweatshirt fleece, but right now linen is it! I love sewing linen because it's much easier to sew than knits (for me anyway). I've been doing a lot more applique lately. I've hit a wall when coming up with designs though. Any suggestions? I've been stuck on leaves and trees. I need to take more walks outside to get inspired. Two of my recent Etsy listings reflect my new love for linen and applique. One is a pink tank top with a leaf and stem design on the bottom. The 2nd is a linen tank with buttons along the left side. I'm trying to come up with some new unique designs while we're slow at my day job, (shhh...don't tell the boss) :) but while the cat's away, this mouse does design!

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